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Want to write for us free of cost? Then read the procedure below-

We are looking for top-notch and unique content for our readers totally free. So, if you are a graphical task expert or enthusiast and hold some knowledge in this field, then feel free to write for us. However, we are not looking for someone like spin writers or copy content; instead, we want someone who can deliver quality content on a topic basis.

So, undoubtedly send us your stuff and don’t forget to mention your name at the end of the article. We’ll contact you as soon as possible regarding any updates. So you don’t need to think about replying.

Writing Requirements ( You must fulfill )

Word Count: 1000-2000 Words. You have to provide 1000-2000 words of content with meta description and must be maintained with proper SEO guidelines.

Writing format: The informative article has rules in regard to writing tone and should be followed step by step. When you are setting up your article, make sure to use a heading every few paragraphs.

Image formation: The image width and height must be 720-750 px and you can use a customizable height and submit the image with a JPG file.

The image should be copyright-free. And you can get the copyright-free image from different stock photo websites like freelancingsupportbd.com

Copyright and spin-free content: We don’t accept any copyrighted or spin content for our website. If you do so we won’t approve your request and ban you from the further application. Whatever the content you provide shouldn’t be published elsewhere.

Our viewpoint for Approval:

  • The content must be optimized for Google Search.
  • Need to maintain on-page optimization like- Heading, Subheading, Points, Anchor, alter tag, Etc.
  • Must be reader friendly and strictly use simple language.
  • Should be composed in a well-structured way with a perfect flow.
  • Clear and meaningful information on the topic you selected.
  • Should avoid grammatical problems and spelling mistakes.
  • Need to submit a link of an informative article earlier published by you or from another website. Note: Don’t send us duplicate content otherwise we’ll delete it without notification.

What content topic do we offer to write?

We offer you to write for us about Graphical instrumentals use, Tutorials, Freelancing ideas, branding mockup ideas, Graphic designer portfolio, Graphic design process/ workflow, Designing, Business strategies, etc.

Besides graphical terms, you can use these sorts of articles like digital marketing strategy, UI/UX design, Online Business, Brint media, Web design, Freelancing tricks/ tips, and much more.

By the way, nowadays Web design, Creating logos, SEO guidelines, WordPress, Social media marketing and so many are trending toward the year. So you can also discuss Web design tips, Guides, and Tutorials, Creating logos and icons guides, SEO or Web hosting-related guides, social media marketing, and all about WordPress including plugins and themes.

If you want to write about the above topic then feel free to do so and contact us for approval. We will check your ideas and approve your assets with maximum effort. So without delay write for us if you really need it.

How will your content be approved?

We have an expert to check your submitted content regarding SEO norms, Technical point of view, and the quality of content. Once we approve it then you’ll get an email from us around 48 hrs and further proceed as agreed upon.

We don’t charge for your article, So you just need to maintain the article rules clearly. After that, you will be passed for submitting your content.

After submitting an article our team member will approve your article if the mentioned criteria is fulfilled. Don’t take the rules super seriously, just maintain proper SEO with unique content. That’s it!


In every article, you will get a maximum of two links for your site and the article will be linked with informative sources. The provided link will follow.

Our freedom:

  • We can edit or make some changes to your article if needed . It’s a natural practice to make the article more convenient. If you can agree with us then you can write for us.
  • We don’t need your article exclusive content for our website. you can write it anywhere else, but the article must be in-depth, informative, unique and SEO optimized.
  • We do not pretend to accept your article immediately. We have a content publishing team. So we need some time for our team to approve your article.
  • We do not pay for bulk guest posts or any kind of spam content.

Some Random Questions About Write for Us Section?

Do I need to send links?

Yes, links are very important in an article so that the user can go through it. You are highly encouraged to attach images and links in proper format along with each email.

Can I Write about some other related topics of freelancing?

Yes, You can write for us about any topic like freelancing and submit it to us. If we think your article is good and related to our website then we will publish it on our site.

How much time do I need to wait after submitting content for approval?

To make sure that everything is done properly, check grammar mistakes, spelling, etc. It may take 2-3 days to approve the articles but sometimes it may take longer than in general. So in that case, You must keep patience.

How will I know about your approval?

If we approve your article then you will be informed via email for confirmation and as well as you will get a welcome message from us.

How to Submit My Article?

First of all, you should apply for the writer position by filling up a simple form. When we approve it then you’ll get an email from us in 48 hrs and further proceed as agreed upon in the agreement. After putting the information in, you have to simply provide high-quality and SEO-optimized content in word format. The content topic and ideas are given in this article.


If you really want to write for us then please send your valuable content with some basic details in the following format-


Email address:

Topic :


Image attachment:

Also, when writing an email, ensure that the written title must be the same as the one mentioned above. So just make sure about this before sending us anything else. And don’t forget to mention your name at the end of the article ( we already told you that ). Also, attach images related to the present topic with each email and use these images as a main image in the introduction. 

That’s all you need to do and keep patience for our reply and we’ll get back to you soon.