9 Tips to improve your logo design and brand identity skill

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Graphic design is a dignified sector nowadays and onto them, logo design is another term of individual creativity.  As of 2021, the whole market capital of graphic design is almost 12.9 Billion in the US market. So you can easily calculate the future opportunity. So if you can improve your skill in the graphics sector, especially on the logo and brand identity skill, Then it will be a great pick for your career for the long term brand identity skill.

So, in this post, we’ll reveal to you how you can improve your logo design and brand identity skill to the next level. Besides, you will get to know how you can optimize our tips on periodical time. So keep reading the full article otherwise you’re going to get ripped off. So let’s get started-

  1. Proper Mind Setup-improve logo design

Before starting your project, must follow your mind to improve your logo design whether the design looks like or what effect you want to insert. This is a preliminary option to brainstorm and this is the way to find the most accurate and precise design you’ve ever done.  Sometimes you may get bored or can’t wait for the perfect design but believe in yourself and organize your task with proper manners.

To maintain the mind setup, you can use manual paper and pencil or even use a notepad to draw the skeleton of the design. By the way, there are a huge amount of resources online. Just find your requirements.

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  1. Existing design or follow professional designers.

If you have done any design that your client loves most, then you can research and redesign it with color variation, changing icons or fonts, Etc. This is the way to get a huge variety of designs and with this formula, you have an opportunity to practice and a way to improve your brand identity skill. 

The other form factor for the beginner’s designer is to follow the professional design and practice on it and make your own outline. Especially this task is mostly useful for beginner designers because they are searching for skill up their improve logo design and brand identity skill to the next level.

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  1. Choose a perfect software-improve logo design

The most often a question arises that which software is best for the logo or brand identity skill? The exact and to the point answer is very according to use but if you say for beginners’ side, then the adobe illustrator is the picked choice.

Why Adobe illustrator?

Ok, The simple answer is, with adobe illustrator you can get access to more frequent edit and insertion options than photoshop. As photoshop measures with pixels whether the adobe illustrator measures with vectors. And most often the professional designer also prefers the illustrator with perfect scalable style, shapes, and paths. And improve your brand identity skill.

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  1. Design Alternation and Practicing.

Design alteration means whenever you try some new design, you can get ideas from other projects and implement them in your own design. In this way, you can create the most creative logo which clients obviously love.

With design alternation, you will get maximum output to choose and by practicing it more and more, you can skill up your design and ultimately be able to make an eye-catching logo without further brainstorming.

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  1. Minimalistic looks-brand identity skill

Whatever you design, you must look at its simplistic structure with minimal variations, styles and shapes. This is not mandatory, Because most of the time the design for your clients is based on personal requirements. So, in that case, we’ve had nothing to do.

But if you don’t have any restrictions then the minimalist look and your creativity can make a tremendous logo. But for maintaining the design, the previous steps will help you a lot.

  1. Logo perfection with reflection.

These are amazing factors to make your logo perfect for client orientations. Because at the end, every client desired an optimum and great looking design. That’s why to perfect your logo, try the reflect effect to find the bugs.

The reflection of a logo which can be horizontal or vertical both can fix your kerning issues which definitely solve most of the shaping and get your final outcome without having any issues.

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  1. Proper Adaptation on Screen-brand identity skill

A logo presents an online existence of what the business is and what’s the output. So when a client orders a logo from you, he/she must use it for different media with a variety of screens like desktop, tab, apps, or mobile.

Screen adaptation is an important pick, when you learn the logo design you must gain this skill on how to optimize it for different purposes and how it looks like on those platforms.

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  1. Symmetrical perfection.

The design of a branding identity must be suited to the brand’s value. Like if you design for a sports website, you can use different sports equipment or niches-based tools. But what if you use fruits or vegetables. Does it look fine or give your authoritative logo value? Obviously not. Because the logo is a front portion of the media screen and in every segment, it floats and gives you dis-satisfactory effects on your visitor’s minds. So symmetrical perfection is a must including skill for beginners.

  1. Time investment.

Time investment on any particular skill ultimately returns you way more than you think. So if you want to start practicing the logo or branding design, then give you a definite time on each day and follow any mentors. The mentors mean any website, youtube video, or course content. Nowadays online existence and resources are available for anyone. So pick an option and practice with proper timing.

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Experienced Person Branding Design Process.

Most of the famous designers most often design different International brand’s logos. They always try to follow some basic steps. These steps help the designer to reveal his full potential on his projects and at the end, the client gets his desired design.

However, all the professional and skilled designers always maintain their workflow by following these steps.

  1. Define design brief.
  2. Research.
  3. Brainstorm ideas.
  4. Sketching concepts.
  5. Rendering.
  6. Presentations.
  7. Revisions.
  8. Delivery & Support.

If a famous designer addressed himself about his full process from design brief to delivery. Then this explanation will look like this –

1 ) Define design brief

I will provide you with a questionnaire and after your response, if I’m missing something I’ll let you know. Of course, you can also add your info in addition to my questions.

2) Research

When I have all the info that I need, I’ll start to research everything. Looking at your website, your competitors, analyzing them, analyzing your audience, the values of your brand, etc.

3) Brainstorm ideas

As I collect more and more info, I’ll start creating a project mood board. This will help me to brainstorm various ideas that will be immediately turned into sketches.

4) Sketching concepts

I will grab a pile of A4 papers and start sketching everything that comes into my mind. As I progress, I’ll make more complex concepts which later will become final outcomes.

5) Rendering

This can be done and doesn’t have to. Some of you guys prefer sketched concepts, some of your digital pieces. Later I’ll do them anyway.

6) Presentation

I will provide you with 2-5 concepts/versions and you either choose one of them to proceed as a final version or you provide me with some feedback to get needed modifications. Usually, the first concepts are delivered within 3-5 working days.

7) Revisions

If needed, I’m happy to provide you Up To 2-3 revisions to make your outcome even better.

8) Delivery & Support

After being 100% satisfied with the end results, I’ll provide you with all the files. And don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. You got support from me and your files will be safe with me for a Long Time.

Final Verdict:

Logo designing with perfect finishing can help you to generate more clients and create your brand authority higher than before. But to become a pro designer you must improve your skill in this sector. So If you can Maintain these steps that we discussed before then you can easily boost up your logo design and brand identity skill into the next level and get the opportunity to earn more with 100% clients satisfaction.